Safe Paths

The way back to normal starts here

We all want to get out of the house. To reopen the economy. To feel secure again. Safe Paths builds tools that help communities flatten the curve of COVID-19 — together.

For everyone

  • See if you’ve been exposed
  • Privately log your location
  • Completely control your data

For public health

  • Reliable contact tracing
  • Map infections with accuracy
  • Anonymously verify cases
Safe Paths
App for everyone
Private Kit

Stay safe, feel secure

Remember where you’ve been and see if you’ve encountered anyone diagnosed with COVID-19. Designed with security as the No. 1 priority.

Safe Places
Tool for health officials
Safe Places
Safe Places UI

Map verified cases

Safe Places allows public health officials to build and maintain a digital record of locations where COVID-19 may have been passed to others, expediting and improving contact tracing efforts.

Get notified if you cross paths with someone diagnosed with COVID-19.

Knowledge is power.

If you test positive, you can choose to share your data anonymously.

Which helps keep your entire community safe.

You’re in complete control. Data is only saved on your phone.

If you test positive, you alone choose whether to share.

Better together

If we work together, we can stop the spread

If you test positive for COVID-19, your doctor will ask where you’ve been. Retracing your path is critical to containment — it helps public health identify others who might have been exposed.

General public

If we keep track of where we’ve been, we can warn others who have come in contact with us.

Health officials

The only ones who can test & verify COVID cases. Request recent locations only if you test positive.

Why Safe Paths

  1. Health data you can trust

    Other apps don’t have data validated by doctors. Can you trust them?

  2. Privacy first & foremost

    Designed from day one with privacy at its core. No big brothers here.

  3. More reliable than memory

    You can’t remember everywhere you’ve been, but your phone can.

App screenshot
App screenshot
App screenshot
App screenshot

We are a community-led movement.

Safe Paths is developing a free, open-source, privacy-by-design tools for individuals, public health officials, and larger communities to flatten the curve of COVID-19, reduce fear, and prevent a surveillance-state response to the pandemic.

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Core Values
  • Privacy & security come first

  • You control your data

  • Communities will win together